Magwave now available for Kindle pre-orders

Greetings friends and fans,

I’m pleased to announce that the Kindle edition of Magwave is now available to pre-order on Amazon. Click here to read the story description and learn more book details.

The book is in the hands of my editor and is on track for a July 31, 2019 release. For those of you who are readers of my other series, the Anlon Cully Chronicles, you’ll be pleased to hear Magwave has more extensive cameos for characters Anlon Cully, Pebbles McCarver, Antonio Wallace as well as Jennifer Stevens.

Also, I have been working with a graphic designer to create images of the Rorschach Explorer and will be posting a gallery showing the spacecraft from different angles on my author website within the next few weeks. I’ll send out an update when the images are loaded.

Finally, for those awaiting the next Anlon Cully book, Priestess of Paracas, I’m busy at work writing the story and will send out an email update later this summer with more details.

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