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Dear patient fans,

I have good news and bad news to share. The good news…I am damn close to finishing Race for the Flash Stone! The bad news… Race for the Flash Stone will be released in late April, not late February as I originally hoped. I know this will come as a disappointment to some, and for that I am sorry. ☹

The delay is primarily associated with the post-writing activities that need to occur to get the story from my laptop to you (i.e. editing, design, proofreading and formatting, among other tasks). I waited a bit longer than I should have to book some of the freelance resources needed to complete these tasks (rookie mistake), so I’ve had to slot in the freelancers’ schedules where they have availability. Quality freelancers are typically in high demand and often require booking well in advance (farther in advance than I anticipated when I floated the initial targeted release date). A lesson learned for book three in the series.

Now, to help soften the blow for those who need a “fix” before late April 😊, I will start feeding tidbits about the new book starting next Thursday, and then every other Thursday thereafter until the projected publish date of April 30.
First on deck on (February 9) will be a sneak peek at the front cover of the new book! After that, I plan to provide bi-weekly updates including:

  • A synopsis of the new story (February 23)
  • A sample glossary of Munuorian (Moon-war-E-un) terms that appear in the story – with pronunciation and meanings (March 9)
  • A diagram of the Sinethal (the Munuorian word for the Master Stone), complete with the Munuorian words for each of the six Lifintyls (Life Stones), their translated meanings and a brief description of their countervailing powers (March 23)
  • An overview of some of the important locations, cultures, archaeological relics and astronomy featured in the story (April 6)
  • An excerpt of one or two chapters (April 20)

For those interested, I hope these updates will serve to quench your near-term thirst, and possibly build anticipation for the book’s release 😉

Now – the important part – to receive these updates, you need to go to my website,, and provide your email address. The link for the email update sign-up page is here. I will post this message and the front cover of the new book on my author Facebook page and my website blog, but the rest of the updates will only be available to those on my email subscriber list.

In so doing, I promise you’ll receive nothing but book release-related updates. In the last of the Race for the Flash Stone updates (the one with the book excerpt), I will provide a limited time, special discount code for those interested in the paperback version of the new book, and information about a raffle-drawing to win a limited number of either (a) free, signed copies of the paperback, or (b) free Kindle versions of the book depending on each raffle winner’s preference. Outside of that, no promotional messages, no spam, no selling your email address. Nothing underhanded.

Thank you for your understanding of the release delay. I’ve invested nine months into the research and writing of Race for the Flash Stone, and no one wants it done more than me! I know many of you are anxious for the new story, but it’s important to me to do it right and publish a story I’m proud to put my name on.

Finally, a BIG THANK YOU for being great fans!!! I’m grateful for your enthusiasm and interest in my stories 😊

K. Patrick Donoghue

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