Pleased to announce the audiobook release of Skywave and UMO

I am pleased to announce today’s release of Skywave and UMO in audiobook format. Both books from my Rorschach Explorer Missions scifi series are initially available through, and iTunes.

Magwave, another book in the series, will soon follow. I’m in the midst of proofing the final production this week. From there, Magwave will be in Audible’s quality review process for a few weeks before it is released (Audible apparently has quite a backlog of audiobooks in their quality review queue). 

The narrator of all three books is Chris Abernathy. I chose Chris for his engaging voice, relaxed style, experience narrating scifi stories and his ability to bring written words and characters to life. If you are an audiobook fan, I hope you will consider listening to the sample snippets for each book available on each of the retailers. I’ve embedded links to Skywave’s and UMO’s audiobook pages on Amazon in the opening paragraph of this message.

This news will undoubtedly raise questions about when audio versions of the Anlon Cully series will be available. Given what I learned from the production process of the Rorschach series, I’d say to look for audio versions of the Anlon Cully series in the mid-to-late fall. I will likely choose a different narrator so as to create a distinctive voice for each series and I know high quality narrators like Chris are often booked months in advance.

Lastly, I have a new novel coming out in mid-to-late August! It’s a futuristic thriller set in the year 2137. The book is titled The GODD Chip.

As is the case with all of my stories, this cautionary tale about the perils of messing around with our DNA is filled with lots of twists and plenty of treachery. Plus, this one has androids! Some of them I hope you will come to love as characters 🙂

I’ll post an update when I have an official release date for The GODD Chip. Until then, be well and thank you for your interest in my stories!

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