Skywave Kindle edition on sale for $0.99 July 26-31

Hello friends and fans! Just a reminder if you missed my earlier post from a couple of weeks ago. The Kindle edition of Skywave goes on sale tonight (shortly after midnight ET) for $0.99 (sale ends at the end of the day on July 31, the same day that my new book, Magwave, is released!). Pass the word to readers who like science fiction with a thriller type feel. And as another reminder for fans of the Anlon Cully series, three characters from the series (Anlon, Pebbles and Antonio) make cameo appearances in 2 chapters of Skywave and four characters (Anlon, Pebbles, Jennifer and Antonio) make lengthy appearances in 7 chapters of Magwave. So if you’re waiting impatiently for me to finish writing Priestess of Paracas, there’s a short-term fix days ahead.

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