We’ve all had them. Haunting dreams of past lives.

They are so real, the details so fine, you wake up wondering if they might be distant memories instead of subconscious trickery. For Pebbles McCarver, they might be a bit of both.

After a near-death experience, she is tormented by recurring visions she can’t escape. A woman running, full of fear and panic, always turning to look behind for a pursuer who never appears. Are they deeply buried thoughts seeking Pebbles’ conscious attention? A manifestation of emotions from her near-death experience? Or could they be hidden links to an ancient mystery?

The journey to discover the answer leads Pebbles, Anlon Cully and Jennifer Stevens on a hair-raising adventure across an ocean, over mountains and into the heart of a jungle. To guide them on their way, Pebbles must confront the demons lurking in the shadows of her mind without losing her sanity in the process.

Priestess of Paracas, book four in the Anlon Cully Chronicles mystery-adventure series, steers readers over long-forgotten trails, through two-thousand-year-old ruins and into the mists of mythology. An all-new thriller that stitches together unexplained archaeological artifacts and lost relics with the enigmas presented by dreams.

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Priestess of Paracas

Avg. Amazon rating: 4.5 stars

Total ratings: 932

Last updated: 4/18/23

Avg. Goodreads rating: 4.3 stars

Total ratings: 502

Last updated: 4/18/23

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